Monday, January 28, 2008

Beating the Chill

In August, during my visit to Germany, some friends, specially the people of Arnsberg and some relatives of Sebatian Pieper, gave some gift money for the children in India. Whereas I left a lot of it with Sebastian as the seed money for the foundation that we are planning to start, I had little left with me. Along with the support I received through the sponsors of, and the gifts of the German people, we gave 285 blankets to children under the age of 14 in Altapur and Bolaigaon. All the children were very happy to receive the blankets. 124 boys and 160 girl children were given good quality thick blankets in the last week of November to beat the chill of December and January in this part of India. Thank you very much to all the sponsors and the people of Seattle, USA, and the people of Arnsberg, specially Sebastian, Julia, Fr. Blottcher, family of Evelyn, Michael, and every other sweet face that I met there. Besides this are some of the photos of the distribution. Thank you dear friends for your generous support. (Please, accept my apologies for uploading these pictures too late.)

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