Saturday, October 6, 2007

Local Government Reduces Taxes of SWI

The Raiganj Municipality has reduced the Municipality Tax to be paid by Social Welfare Institute each year by fifty percent. As a mark of good relations with the Municipality and in appreciation of the works done by SWI, the Raiganj Municipality within which SWI offices are located have been asked to pay just Rupees 4,500 only, with a possibility of further 10% rebate if the money is paid in advance. This is a big relief, as the new taxes imposed on others has gone up by 3 to 7 times in parts of Raiganj. In actual terms, the present tax would mean just a raise of fifty rupees only under the new revision, which has taken place after five years, and the new tax will be applicable for the next five years.

At a meeting held on 5, Oct 2007 it was agreed between the Municipality officials and Puthumai A. Nazarene, the Director of SWI, that the new taxes will be applicable from the next quarter. SWI thanks Mr. Mohit Sengupta, the Chairman of Raiganj Municipality and all the Municipality officials for their assistance and support in this regard.

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