Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Learning Together.... Walking Together !

A team of Visitors from Madhya Pradesh graced SWI on 25th May and 27th May! A team of academicians, educationists and teachers involved in Joyful Method of education and initiators of the same in Madhya Pradesh, India were in SWI on 25th evening on their way to Darjeeling. On 28th noon they returned to SWI and stayed at our training centre. They spent about five hours a section of our Staff, and some from RCHSS and UBP, our Inter-Agency Group partners, on some the participatory methods they use to develop children's skill and community involvement. We are grateful to Mr. Jude Henriques, UNICEF Program Communication Officer, W. Bengal for arranging for their visit to Raiganj ! Ms. Manasi Garain and Sr. Philo, along with their team made all the arrangements wonderful, for stay, food, logistics, and the inter-active session. It was an enriching experience to share the thoughts from different parts of the country.

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