Friday, April 13, 2007

Fire kills two and destroys 800 houses in Malda

A disastrous fire has damaged atleast 600 houses on 3rd April, Tuesday at Bilaimari & Mahanandatola gram panchayats of northern Malda District in West Bengal, India. These two Panchayats with a population of over 70,000 are in an island in between the river Ganges and river Fulahar. One old man of 70 years was burnt to death in the incident. The fire has destroyed a large amount of yielded crop and property as well. Though the Govt. has provided aid like some tarpaulin sheets and dry food, with the extent of damage people feel that the relief materials are not sufficient for them as there are 4-5 members in each family and they are left with the clothes they were wearing, including the children and women. The houses are all thatched houses with straw of the paddy. Most able men in the villages are all out to other parts of India in search of labour, leaving the women and children to mend for themselves.

On the same day another devastating fire totally damaged Dangi and Satrai villages of Boroi grampanchayat in Harishchandrapur – I Block of Malda district. It has claimed one life and has destroyed 140 households and property.

Habibpur : Another incident of fire has also affected Srirampur grampanchayat of Habibpur Block on 4th April. 128 households have totally damaged including the heavy loss of crops and property.

Social Welfare Institute has initiated a relief operation. The total cost of the relief operation as planned would cost Rupees 7,15,000. Catholic Relief Services has promised $ 2000 (equivalent to Rupees 86,000) and Caritas India has allocated Rupees 2,00,000. The relief materials would include, clothing for children, women and men, household utensils, repair of tube-wells for drinking water, etc. covering over 800 families. If you would like to partner with us, contact us immediately. This is an Emergency. HELP !

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